ground breaking ceremony 16.11.2007_flags
6.CW preparing construction site
9.CW ground stabilization, hydraulic bound support layer
12.CW delivery of truck scale
12.CW final assembly of gas upgrading plant
15.CW asphalt works plant access
17.CW concrete pump for pouring of foundations
28.CW soil compression at reception pit
31.CW aspahlt works 2.phase
35.CW digester
35.CW Electro technique and control cabinet container
35.CW digester assembly
42.CW mounted digesters and cerials silo
delivery of biofilter
digesters and cerials silo in finished state
overview GreenGas plant
view with 2 digesters
gas valve
Biomethane into the grid
Lightning protection
The engineers of Alensys
earth works and piping
VIP visit from Potsdam
I fuel BioNaturalGas
impressions in evening light
installation gas membrane roof
installation of screw conveyor system
After only 18 months construction time
energy crop dosing - push rod floor
electric wiring in pump technique container
pump technique container
winter impressions